HyperMetrics AP: High Performance Testing For Applications and Security

Application Performance (AP) HyperMetrics test modules introduce a new paradigm in network infrastructure, security and application testing. The HyperMetrics architecture uses leading-edge multi-core processing, allocating CPU resources on demand, to create enhanced realism with the scalability and performance required to test tomorrow's networks. This architecture provides the highest level of capacity, user emulation, and application test services from network access to application transaction.

Triple Play Testing: Test network design, rollout and service from the user's point of view (quality of experience) using realistic voice calling, unicast and multicast streaming videos with Internet traffic in a single test-true user emulation testing

Security Testing and Vulnerability Assessment: Verify viruses, Denial of Service attacks and other malicious content are stopped while legitimate traffic is forwarded with acceptable performance in the presence of realistic line rate traffic

Network Device Testing: Perform vendor trials, acceptance testing, system tests and configuration optimization testing under realistic and maximum traffic and user conditions

Line-Rate Web Application Testing: Ensure that your e-commerce and business applications are ready for peak traffic times, such as Black Friday. Scale up to and beyond expected loads with real transactional traffic, protocol emulation and user behavior emulation

The HyperMetrics AP 8-port 1GbE and 2-port 10GbE test modules support line rate Avalanche application traffic to deliver the highest performance Layer 4-7, security and vulnerability assessment test solution in the industry.

Key Benefits

Traditional test module design fixes CPU resources to specific ports. These 1-dimenstional architectures necessitate three hardware designs to achieve the usage goals of high port scalability and high-capacity application traffic. HyperMetrics' architecture relegates these design limitations to the past.
  • Test in a realistic network and user environment
  • Discover how your applications will perform in your production network
  • Test with your unique mix of traffic Reduce time to test
  • Built-in samples reduce startup time
  • Automation supports repeated, unattended testing
  • One tool for most of your testing needs for a wide range of devices
Key Features

Hypermetrics multi-core processing architecture:
  • Enhanced realism with scalability and performance: HyperMetrics scales in ports and application traffic
  • Complete Test Coverage: Generate stateful multiplay traffic over emulated network topologies
  • Dynamic Multi-core Processing: CPU resources can be allocated across the ports to meet the scale, performance and functionality required
  • Future-Proof Design: Delivers the performance needed today, and the investment protection for testing tomorrow's network
  • Authentic testing: Avalanche for Spirent TestCenter emulates actual user transactions and provides control over TCP/IP stack characteristics such as maximum segment size, delayed ACKs, IP fragmentation and TCP time-out behavior. Avalanche for Spirent TestCenter can emulate browsers, decompress gzips, encode URLs and apply realistic user level attributes.
  • High performance testing: Line rate 1 GbE and 10 GbE performance. Unencrypted traffic at 400,000+ transactions per second on a pair of cards. Encrypted traffic at 3+ Gbps and 40,000 transactions per second.
  • Extensive, flexible reporting: Real-time statistics for critical variables across all protocols. SNMP statistics can be gathered from the components under test and correlated with statistics from Spirent TestCenter.
  • Flexible load specifications: Flexibility to specify load variables such as user sessions, new user sessions per second, transactions, transactions per second, connections or connections per second.

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