4/12-port Gigabit Ethernet Test Module

The HyperMetrics 4- and 12-port Gigabit Ethernet test modules combine Spirent TestCenter's network emulation and traffic generation with line rate Avalanche application traffic to deliver the highest performance Layer 2-7 test solution available on a single module.

The modules support line rate Layer 2-3 test traffic and Layer 4-7 traffic over 10/100/1000 Mbps Copper or Gigabit Ethernet SFP interfaces. They are ideal for functional, performance and conformance testing of service provider and enterprise networks of all sizes and stages of deployment.
  • Triple Play: Testing and service validation from the user's point of view QoE (Quality of Experience) using realistic voice calling, unicast and multicast streaming videos as well as Internet traffic
  • Device Benchmarking: Test using IETF RFC 2544, RFC 2889 and RFC 3918 methodologies with easy test setup using dynamically bound traffic and automated wizards
  • Carrier Ethernet: Verify services whether delivered via VPLS, Layer 2 Pseudowires, bridged Ethernet, packet transport protocols or combinations of these technologies
  • Service Provider Routers: Verify Layer 3, multicast and video services delivered via BGP/MPLS VPN, multicast routing or mVPN
  • Subscriber Emulation: Emulate thousands of access subscribers using different services across multiple ports under normal or exceptional traffic conditions
  • Advanced Layer 4-7 user emulation: Perform line rate web, media and security testing for concise content delivery
  • Complete Layer 2-7 testing: Validate access networks, routers, switches and mobile backhaul
Traditional test module design fixes CPU resources to specific ports. These 1-dimenstional architectures necessitate three hardware designs to achieve the usage goals of high port scalability, virtual network emulation and high-capacity application traffic. HyperMetrics' architecture relegates these design limitations to the past.

Key Benefits

4- and 12-port 1GbE test modules
  • High-density 12-port form factor offers the industry's highest density solution supporting line rate application traffic and network emulation
  • 4-port form factor is designed for functional testing and the enterprise test lab, which require high performance network emulation and line rate application traffic
HyperMetrics multi-core processing architecture
  • Enhanced realism with scalability and performance: HyperMetrics scales in three dimensions: ports, network emulation and application traffic
  • Complete Test Coverage: Generate stateful multiplay traffic over emulated network topologies
  • Dynamic Multi-core Processing: CPU resources can be allocated across the ports to meet the scale, performance and functionality required
  • Future-Proof Design: Delivers the performance needed today, and the investment protection for testing tomorrow's network
  • Multiple CPU cores per port: HyperMetrics CM modules are the first L2-7 test modules with multiple processor cores per port. This enables the modules to offer unparalleled performance in network and user emulation with true line rate Layer4-7 application traffic. Ideal for testing tomorrow's converged networks and services.
Key Features

Intelligent Results™
  • The most accurate and comprehensive set of real-time results to validate tests and identify problems, giving engineers the insight they need to eliminate customer found defects
  • Delivers more results, the tightest correlation, and more information when bugs are found, to provide more coverage in a single pass than can be done in multiple passes with other test tools
  • Interesting Streams uses real-time results data mining to validate test cases and identify issues quicker
NoCode™ Automation with Command Sequencer and GUI to Script
  • Visual programming empowers the test operator to:
    • Construct sophisticated, stressful, automated test cases without programming experience
    • Combine numerous individual test cases into a single run to save regression test time
    • Develop a catalog of broad automated test cases in a fraction of the time
    • Export automated test cases to run from a command line for headless test execution that can be integrated with any automated regression system
  • Converged Topology Emulation™ (CTE)
  • Test protocol stacking by accurately emulating multiple network devices
    • Collapses physical test topologies into a single test tool providing more test coverage and determinism using fewer network elements

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