2/8-port 10 Gigabit Ethernet Test Module

HyperMetrics Converged Modules are 2- and 8-port 10GbE test modules that combine Spirent TestCenter's network emulation and application traffic with its industry-leading Layer 2-3 traffic generation and analysis. These modules deliver the highest performance per dollar Layer 2-7 test solution available, ideal for functional, performance and conformance testing of service provider and enterprise networks. Reduced power consumption and the ability to use a single module throughout the test lifecycle results in lower purchasing and operational expenses.

The Spirent TestCenter 10GbE HyperMetrics test module introduces a new paradigm in network testing. The HyperMetrics architecture uses leading-edge multi-core processing, allocating CPU resources on demand, to create enhanced realism with the scalability and performance required to test tomorrow's networks. This architecture sustains test equipment value by providing the coverage of three test modules in one.
  • Enterprise Switches: Validate forwarding performance and functional capabilities of large, next-generation enterprise campus and data center switches with ultralow latency, high port density and FCoE capabilities
  • Device Benchmarking: Test using IETF RFC 2544, RFC 2889 and RFC 3918 methodologies with easy test setup using dynamically bound traffic and automated wizards
  • Carrier Ethernet: Verify services whether delivered via VPLS, Layer 2 Pseudowires, bridged Ethernet, packet transport protocols or combinations of these technologies
  • Service Provider Routers: Verify Layer 3, multicast and video services delivered via BGP/MPLS VPN, multicast routing or mVPN
  • Subscriber Emulation: Emulate thousands of access subscribers using different services across multiple ports under normal or exceptional traffic conditions
  • Low port-scale testing: Perform functional, conformance and performance testing at lower port counts using the value priced 2-port 10GbE test module
Traditional test module design fixes CPU resources to specific ports. These 1-dimenstional architectures necessitate three hardware designs to achieve the usage goals of high port scalability, virtual network emulation and high-capacity application traffic. HyperMetrics' architecture relegates these design limitations to the past.

Key Benefits
  • High-density 8-port and value-priced 2-port 10GbE test modules
    • 480 ports per rack, the industry's smallest footprint and greenest 10GbE solution
    • Tests at extreme density while reducing lab operating costs and simplifying test system operation
    • Low-density modules for development testing at lower port counts, or performance testing of smaller edge devices with 10GbE uplinks
  • Change per priority traffic rates in real time to accurately evaluate system performance of 802.1Qbb PFC, 802.1Qaz PG and ETS traffic shaping
HyperMetrics multi-core processing architecture
  • Enhanced realism with scalability and performance - HyperMetrics scales in three dimensions: ports, network emulation and application traffic
  • Complete Test Coverage - Generate stateful multi-play traffic over emulated network topologies
  • Dynamic Multi-core Processing - CPU resources can be allocated across the ports to meet the scale, performance and functionality required
  • Future-Proof Design - Delivers the performance needed today, and the investment protection for testing tomorrow's network
Key Features

Intelligent Results™
  • The most accurate and comprehensive set of real-time results to validate tests and identify problems, giving engineers the insight they need to eliminate customer found defects
  • Delivers more results, the tightest correlation, and more information when bugs are found, to provide more coverage in a single pass than can be done in multiple passes with other test tools
  • Interesting Streams uses real-time results data mining to validate test cases and identify issues quicker
NoCode™ Automation with Command Sequencer and GUI to Script
  • Visual programming empowers the test operator to:
    • Construct sophisticated, stressful, automated test cases without programming experience
    • Combine numerous individual test cases into a single run to save regression test time
    • Develop a catalog of broad automated test cases in a fraction of the time
    • Export automated test cases to run from a command line for headless test execution that can be integrated with any automated regression system
Converged Topology Emulation™ (CTE)
  • Test protocol stacking by accurately emulating multiple network devices
  • Collapses physical test topologies into a single test tool providing more test coverage and determinism using fewer network element

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