Storage Area Networking (SAN) Testing

Fibre Channel (FC) HyperMetrics module empowers the user to test complex real-world storage flows across the device under test (DUT) with fewer test passes and enhanced realism. In conjunction with Spirent HyperMetrics 10 GbE Fiber Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) test module, the Fibre Channel solution delivers the industry's first layer 2-7 converged data center performance benchmarking test system.
  • Measure ultra-low latency with true jitter
  • Compare multi-vector, multi-path performance implication between native FC and FCoE
  • Test the storage quality of experience (QoE) in the presence of complex, Layer 2-7 environments
Spirent TestCenter HyperMetrics FC provides a complete, single platform solution from the SAN to the LAN and WAN. With the ability to generate line rate FC traffic and with full step-by-step command control, the user can lay down thousands of pathways with true switch fabric, queue, and quality of service (QoS) saturation and measure them in a single test pass. Spirent TestCenter HyperMetrics FC module scales to hundreds of ports, thousands of streams, and billions of flows in a standard or virtualized environment.

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