High-Performance Layer 2-7 Test Solution

The HyperMetrics Layer 2-7 test solution leverages its multi-core architecture to offer cost effective, high-port density modules with flexibility, high functionality and realism. Unlike traditional test systems that have a single-dimensional focus that sacrifices performance for scalability (port density), this unique architecture enables performance to be optimized for Enhanced Realism, Scalability/Performance and Intelligent Results.

Spirent TestCenter's HyperMetrics family of modules is the next step in the evolution of testing. With an industry first multi-core and multi-threaded architecture, it delivers the performance needed today, and the investment protection for testing tomorrow's networks, helping to maximize ROI throughout the entire test lifecycle.

Key Benefits
  • OPEX savings
    • HyperMetrics CV: 25% less power consumption per slot and 33% more ports per rack than the nearest competitor's solution
    • HyperMetrics CM and AP: More processing power per watt than competing solutions
  • CAPEX savings: Purchase one module to cover your needs versus multiple modules
  • Increased ROI: Dynamic Multi-core Processing allows use through entire test life cycle
  • Lower TCO: Capability to test today's network and flexibility to adapt to tomorrow's needs
Key Features

HyperMetrics multi-core processing architecture:
  • Enhanced realism with scalability and performance: HyperMetrics scales in ports and application traffic
  • Complete test coverage: Generate stateful multiplay traffic over emulated network topologies
  • Dynamic Multi-core processing: CPU resources can be allocated across the ports to meet the scale, performance and functionality required
  • Future-proof design: Delivers the performance needed today, and the investment protection for testing tomorrow's network
  • High-performance testing: Line rate 1 GbE and 10 GbE performance
  • Extensive, flexible reporting: Intelligent Results™. Real-time statistics for critical variables across all protocols
  • Visual programming: NoCode Automation with Command Sequencer and GUI to Script
  • Converged Topology Emulation: Test protocol stacking by accurately emulating multiple network devices

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