Multiplay Testing

Firewalls, server load balancers, and content aware caching devices are stateful aware Layer 4-7 devices that have grown exponentially complex; containing thousands of queues, state tables, state aware rule validation and threat vulnerability mitigation. In addition, the end user demand for ultra high quality (such as the transition from SD IPTV to HD IPTV) and 99.999% availability with network mitigated threats have added further complexity to the network. Testing these next-generation systems requires unprecedented user realism while maintaining high scale.

Spirent's multiplay solution is unique because they provided the most comprehensive, accurate user emulation of end user traffic and unexpected attack traffic even while at high load. Simply put, Spirent can model the user behavior while scaling to full Internet levels. This "no compromise" approach is important since measuring the impact to the user and the network while loading the Device Under Test (DUT) with real-world loading patterns helps identify, isolate and resolve problems before your customer finds them.

Spirent's advanced realism technology empowers the user to test true production network, in a reproducible, real-world, single pass test cycle.

Key Features

Network Equipment Manufacturer (NEM)
  • Enhanced Realism, The Key to Reproducing Customer Real-World Scenarios

    Spirent delivers enhanced realism by accurately replicating real world, multi-play environments based unique subscriber behavior patterns with multi-stack topology emulation and customer traffic generation (SAPEE). Unique to Spirent, this allows the Network Test Engineer to reproduce precise field scenarios and loading patterns, reducing time to resolution while helping better debug performance and system operational issues in a PV, POC, Engineering Service, or Field scenario.
  • Line Rate Stateful Traffic, Enhancing the Scope of "What If" Testing

    Spirent characterizes system performance and bandwidth utilization for full scale video deployments with peer-to-peer networking and voice applications by conducting stateful, line rate multi-play benchmark testing, while keeping each user highly real and stateful. Because the user does not have to compromise between realism be user and scale, the Network test engineers sees precisely how the Device Under Test (DUT) will react when faced with real-network conditions
  • Single Pass Testing, Reducing Cost even while Enhancing Value

    Spirent is the industry's only multi-play solution to correlate multiple metrics in a single pass by testing latency, jitter and loss simultaneously. This allows for shorter, more detailed testing of the DUT.
  • Detailed Results Analysis, Find Problems Fast

    Spirent delivers intelligent results that quickly and accurately identify, isolate and help resolve multi-play traffic issues by generating up to 32,000 streams per port and full Stateful TCP that give greater visibility into the problem areas, even over Routing, Encryption, QoS/CoS, and tunneling. This allows you to setup and test core network conditions and rapidly predict how the DUT will handle almost any engineered architecture condition.
  • Industry Standard, From the Inventors of Ethernet Testing

    Spirent solutions are the industry standard for multi-play conformance, functional and performance analysis for and therefore used in for the large scale tests such as validating Cisco's state-of-the-art Medianet solution. With a long history of innovation and company stability, Spirent can ensure long term partnerships to help advance your products to market.
Carrier / Service Provider
  • QoE and QoS, Testing the Foundations of the SLA

    For customers who need to accurately determine the network quality of service (QoS) or end user quality of experience (QoE), Spirent creates a real-world environment by delivering enhanced realism of the services offered on a multi-play network. This ensures that individual elements and end-to-end solutions will be thoroughly tested for not just uptime, but for service quality.
  • TCO and ROI, Improving your Network Service Profitability

    Spirent significantly reduces total cost of ownership (TCO) and return on investment (ROI) by delivering a holistic portfolio to benchmark service performance across Layers 2 -7 at line rate. With a single platform and a converged User Interface, test even the most complex topologies with ease.
  • Cycle Time Reduction, Managing Test Quality Over Time

    Spirent reduces product development cycles while increasing test coverage by offering the most number of test cases with unsurpassed flexibility, increased functionality and ease of use through NoCode automation. This allows anyone to automate a test, even for regression.
  • Scalable at 10G, High Density Ethernet with Advanced Services

    For customers who are deliver multi-play, Spirent emulates millions of subscribers at 10Gig line rate for voice, video and data traffic streams by offering a highly scalable solution that validate the solutions prior to deployment. With Spirent Topology Emulation, the engineer can model multiplay QoE over BGP, OSPF, IS-IS, VPLS, MPLS, and EOAM enable networks.
  • 40/100G Ready, Built in Support for Next Generation Ethernet

    The award winning Spirent TestCenter HyperMetrics modules not only provide enhanced realism with scalability and performance, it utilizes a 2.5ns architecture for compatibility of validating 40/100G.

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