Service Provider Routers & Switches

Service Provider Routers & Switches

Test routers and switches with Spirent TestCenter. The scale of the network has increased while simultaneously converging richer services, more traffic and more types of traffic. Will your device or network:
  • Maintain thousands of subscriber sessions with a high quality of experience for sensitive applications such as voice or video?
  • Maintain thousands of MPLS tunnels and achieve the forwarding performance required by latency and jitter sensitive applications while simultaneously handling low priority traffic?
  • Maintain stringent service quality levels across all business customers as per service level agreements?
  • Sustain high quality of service with redundancy and high availability for mobile backhaul and mission critical applications?
  • Use several protocols simultaneously to reliably deliver multicast video, voice, data and other services?
Spirent TestCenter focuses the most flexible, scalable and reliable test system in the industry on testing the highly-integrated, converged, anything-over-anything networks of today and tomorrow.

More economical. Use Spirent TestCenter to decrease the cost and complexity of testing with Topology Emulation (TE), the only single-system solution available for realistic testing of multiplay services and control and data plane protocols over MPLS and routed networks.

More effective. Improve product quality with increased test realism. The multi-dimensional architecture of Hypermetrics test modules makes this possible by enabling you to scale the number of ports, subscribers, sessions, routes, tunnels, VLANs and stateful multi-play traffic on demand.

More efficient. Improve productivity by reducing time to test with test wizards, reducing the time to get the results you want when you want them with Intelligent Results, and reducing the time to automate test cases with NoCode™ automation.

Key Benefits
  • Maximize budget and time with a next-gen, unified L2-L7 architecture supporting all major protocols and services
  • Improve productivity with simplified, repeatable testing using wizards and NoCodeTM automation
  • Increase product quality through increased test realism by scaling on demand
  • Reduce time to test by getting more real-time results in a single test run
  • Reduce support issues through increased test realism with Topology Emulation
  • Reduce Capex with one system for the test lifecycle with the architecture for 40GbE and 100GbE
  • Reduce Opex for large tests by driving 4.8 Terabits of traffic per rack while using 25% less power
Key Features
  • Emulate an end-to-end converged network for realistic testing
  • Scale ports, subscribers, sessions, VPN instances, routes, tunnels, VLANs and stateful multi-play traffic on demand
  • Complete coverage for all major IPV4 and IPv6 routing, MPLS and Carrier Ethernet protocols and services
  • Single, simple GUI with dozens of wizards designed to build powerful test cases to quickly isolate defects
  • Repeatable, device-stimulating test case events and logic without writing a single line of code
  • Next-gen, unified L2-7, object-oriented architecture seamlessly plugs-in new protocols and multi-play services
  • Intelligent Results: Data correlation, hierarchical results and drill-down analysis highlights anomalies
  • Flexibility to scale from high density 10GbE interface performance to line rate application traffic
  • Multi-user, multi-system client/server architecture shifts teams from local focus to global collaboration

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