Providing Unsurpassed Visibility into the Data Center

Spirent TestCenter Virtual Network Diagram
Virtual Server Testing

The move to dynamic data centers with virtualization places greater demand on the network infrastructure. Traditionally there is one server connected per switch access port. In a virtualized environment, as many as 64 virtual servers, including a virtual switch with as many virtual ports, reside on a single physical server and switch access port. In addition to the increased complexity, typical access network over-provisioning ratios of 1:20 are changing to 1:4 with the higher utilization achieved through virtualization.

Spirent TestCenter Virtual is a software module that resides on the virtual machine providing unsurpassed visibility into the entire data center infrastructure. It extends and complements the capabilities of Spirent TestCenter to accurately benchmark and optimize performance of virtual server switches and cloud-based virtualization. With Spirent TestCenter Virtual, network equipment vendors can for the first time:
  • Put virtual switches through the same tests physical switches have been undergoing for years
  • Quickly determine what virtual or physical component is impacting performance and dropping frames
  • Performance benchmark new virtual switches, firewalls, load balancers and other virtual appliances
  • Measure application reliability impact of dynamic resource scheduling with live migration of virtual servers
  • Compare networking performance of different hypervisors and blade server solutions
  • Holistically validate the performance of all elements of the data center and cloud-computing environments
For data center system vendors delivering the benefits of virtualization to enterprises and service providers, Spirent TestCenter Virtual delivers the power to architect high performance data center systems, mitigate risks of migration or consolidation of existing IT infrastructure, minimize the total cost of ownership of testing resources and optimize infrastructure utilization by testing performance in a multitude of real-world scenarios.

Key Benefits
  • Optimize IT resources: Characterize the performance of individual data center elements and systems in a multitude of real-world scenarios
  • Reduce TCO: Test virtualized network infrastructure performance end-to-end with a single, integrated system
  • Deploy best in class data center systems: Test availability, security, scalability and interoperability of virtual network elements
  • Ensure seamless migration and consolidation: Transition to virtualized data center or cloud computing environments with the lowest possible risk
  • Know performance before you go live: Identify performance bottlenecks within each element and across multiple elements of the data center
Key Features
  • Layer 2-7 test and measurement capabilities
  • Correlates data center power consumption with network load under realistic loads
  • Delivers a complete picture of system performance at line rate with Spirent TestCenter HyperMetrics modules
  • Support for RFC 2544 Network Interconnect, RFC 2889 Switch and RFC 3918 Multicast benchmark performance measurements
  • Validates security and policy enforcement including access control, rate limiting, port mirroring and VLAN trunking capabilities
  • Single application to validate virtualized network infrastructure performance, scalability and security

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