Advanced Services for Integrators

Advanced Services for Integrators

Proof of Concept (POC) facilities enable federal integrators to demonstrate new technologies, applications and con-cepts to government decision makers. Integrators that leverage Spirent solutions to establish or enhance POC facilities gain a competitive edge. With Spirent solutions, POC facilities can help accelerate your Return on Investment (ROI) for new prototypes and technology initiatives. Spirent Avalanche platforms allow integrators to perform multiple POC roles including data-ranges to perform data mining operations, assess data mining applications and discover malicious actors such as terrorists and criminals. POC facilities using Avalanche platforms as cyber-ranges can conduct defensive and of¬fensive operations ensuring that cyber warriors prevail in the new cyber space domain.

Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance

Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) systems are complex environments used for monitoring and command & control applications. ISR systems leverage global networks for communications; relying on sensors to collect data, networks to distribute data to applications, and effectors to respond to theater events.

Spirent solutions allow POC facilities to simulate sensor data streams from satellites, radars and aircraft that are distributed by IP unicast and multicast global networks. With Spirent Guidance, Navigation and Satellite Systems (GNSS); integrators can emulate, simulate and assess GNSS applications for GPS, GLONASS and Galileo navigation signals. Spirent Avalanche platforms allow integrators to simulate sensors, effectors, and command & control applications with IP unicast and multicast traffic streams.

Needle in a Haystack & Data Ranges

Identifying patterns and establishing relationships are essential for detecting bad actors and preventing terrorist and criminal activities. Federal integrators leveraging Spirent Avalanche platforms at their POC facilities gain a competitive edge for data mining proposals.

Data range simulations require systems capable of generating petabytes of data that can be stored for data mining applications. Data mining is a complex operation requiring mining for "data of interest" and analyzing data to establish relationships. A good way to describe this is by using the "needle in a haystack" analogy.

Integrators using Spirent solutions as data ranges can generate petabytes of background traffic simulating people, enterprise traffic, and Internet traffic. This is our haystack. At the same time, Spirent data ranges add malicious traffic that simulates bad actors hiding under petabytes of traffic. This is our needle. Spirent Avalanche can simulate bad actors and their data attributes ranging from a couple of users communicating via social networks, emails, or chat messages to thousands of data base records and queries operations.

Federal integrators using Spirent platforms can easily simulate how millions of people use the Internet to connect with other using social Apps. Spirent Avalanche can simulate hundreds, thousands or millions of users communicating with each other using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and hundreds of fixed and mobile Apps.

People also communicate via text messages and email. Every day billions of text messages and emails are generated. Spirent Avalanche platforms allow integrators to simulate millions of text messages; and emails including Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail and Skype. Spirent Apps include mobile versions for tablets and smartphones allowing customers to simulate Android, iOS and Blackberry devices.

Cyber Ranges

Securing critical infrastructure assets from malicious actors is the top priority of government agencies and federal integrators. Malicious actors include criminals and nation states. Nations around the world are establishing cyber ranges to train military and intelligence resources to operate under all types of threat conditions. A cyber range is nothing more than a training environment that allows personnel to conduct defensive and offensive operations. Cyber ranges allow you to train theater controllers, enterprise controllers, net defenders, firewall engineers, IPS engineers, network engineers and intelligence analysts.

Spirent platforms allow federal integrators and government agencies to establish the most realistic cyber range environments in the industry. In a cyber range, realism is defined as the ability to generate threat scenarios that appear authentic to operations personnel. In a cyber range environment, threat and OPS scenarios are built using people, enterprises, and Internet simulations.

Integrators using Spirent Avalanche platforms as cyber ranges can generate thousands of attacks and live malware with malicious payloads against critical infrastructure targets. Spirent security attacks are mapped to the industry CVE identification numbers.

Avalanche platforms, with the most user friendly and intuitive test methodology allow customers to simulate enterprise services. Enterprises, data centers and IT organizations provide multiple services to their user base. Avalanche platforms simulate multiple enterprise protocols and Aps including email, database and cloud Apps. Email protocols include SMTP, IMAP and POP. Database protocols include MySQL and Oracle. Enterprise Apps include CRM applications like and more. With Spirent, enterprises, data centers and IT organizations can simulate multiple services for their customers, partners and employees.

Spirent Avalanche platforms allow customers to simulate the Internet infrastructure with its critical infrastructure components. With Spirent, customers can simulate the Internet network, transport and application protocols. Avalanche platforms simulate IPv4, IPv6, DNS and HTTP web servers; along with the multiple servers applications including Apache and Microsoft IIS servers.

Cloud Services

Government agencies continue to virtualize and move their enterprise applications to the cloud. The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) is building and marketing cloud services to federal agencies. Every day, thousands of customers use Spirent's Blitz cloud services to test cloud applications. Integrators that leverage Spirent cloud services by creating their own private clouds can provide and better support new services for government customers.

Spirent cloud customers use Blitz to test and measure the ability of their servers to handle thousands of users. Blitz allow cloud App developers to generate stateful HTTP, SSL and TLS traffic to exercise servers web pages and find failure points and the maximum numbers of users and resources supported by server applications.

It is an illusion to think that firewalls, IDS and IPS systems protect your organization from all known security exploits or Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE).

Spirent empowers enterprises, service providers, government agencies and federal integrators to improve the security posture of their critical infrastructures. Most firewalls, IDS and IPS systems only detect around 30% of all known CVEs.

Spirent Avalanche platforms generate thousands of attacks and live malware with malicious payloads; allowing customers to measure the ability of their security devices to detect and block security exploits. Spirent security attacks are mapped to the industry CVE identification numbers.

Federal Integrators can leverage Spirent Avalanche platforms to conduct bake-off and evaluations of security and network devices before deployment. Spirent allows customers to find out the resiliency and effectiveness of security devices in days or weeks instead of months.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework impacts all public and private organizations that manage critical infrastructures in the United States. The Framework encourages government agencies and federal integrators to take an active role in risk management with the goal of improving the security posture of critical infrastructures.

The Framework approach to risk assessment is based on five core functions that organize cybersecurity activities at their highest level. The five functions are: Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond and Recover. Federal integrators that manage critical infrastructures including weapons systems can leverage Spirent to assess and manage their infrastructure security risks. Every day, the critical infrastructure supply chain; network equipment manufacturers, enterprises, service providers, government agencies and federal integrators use Spirent security and application test tools to assess the vulnerabilities of their infrastructures.

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