Our world demands high performance, with strong security. High quality intelligence is needed to make informed decisions during product development, on security investments and to ensure application accessibility and reliability while elevating security assurance.

That's why Spirent provides both proven technology and services to help our customers meet growing market demands. We help gauge the performance and effectiveness of your network and security environment by emulating the most realistic traffic volumes and wide range of threat/attack scenarios. Our Security consultants provide services ranging from compliance audits to critical and tactical testing based on evolving security challenges.

Spirent SecurityLabs
The Spirent SecurityLabs' services are structured to produce high-impact results with minimal impact on the client organization. Our dedicated teams of experienced security professionals offer comprehensive scanning, penetration testing and monitoring services for networks, wireless, websites, mobile applications, embedded devices, automotive, as well as source code analysis.
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Advanced malware detection
Malware detection testing must be conducted at a very vulnerable area of your network—the perimeter. Test security devices, firewalls, proxies and gateways for their ability to identify and keep out malware. Spirent's Advanced Malware testing solution provides the means to verify the network's ability to defend against today's sophisticated malware constructs with an up-to-date database of malware samples and from a variety of test vectors.
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Virtualization and cloud security
With many business services moving to the cloud, it's important to understand the impact on customers and end-users. Spirent solutions enable you to test the performance, scalability and security of your cloud-based applications in a wide range of planned and unplanned scenarios.
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NIST cybersecurity framework
Mandated by the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA), the National Institute of Standards and Technologies (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework affects all organizations that manage critical infrastructures in the United States. Spirent's test solutions will validate that your network security systems perform as intended and deliver the protection you expect to help you remain compliant with NIST regulations.
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