Infrastructure Test Optimization (ITO)

Infrastructure Test Optimization (ITO)

Infrastructure Test Optimization (ITO) encompasses a set of practices and tools that improve the entire Test Lifecycle, including test orchestration, collaboration, and productivity. Organizations that apply ITO are rewarded with better visibility, traceability and realism in their testing. And they increase collaboration and productivity within their test operations. Ultimately, organizations that adopt ITO derive greater business value through better testing.

ITO Practice Areas
  • Emulation and analysis
  • Test automation
  • Manual and developer testing
  • Quality management
  • Lifecycle virtualization

Spirent Solutions

Spirent's infrastructure testing solutions help improve testing efficiency while validating performance, availability, security and scalability:
  • Spirent iTest automates testing processes to accelerate system and device testing
  • Global Services helps carriers and enterprises accelerate development and deployment by maximizing your investment in Spirent infrastructure testing solutions



Provides tools for a detailed drill-down into the quality environment. Helps provide data for analysis to make informed release-based decisions.


Helps correlate activities across the entire infrastructure test workflow. This enables full lifecycle versioning and complete traceability from requirements and tests, to defects and remediation.


Provides sharing of knowledge, activities and test assets. This enables teams involved in a common task to achieve their goals more effectively. Collaboration also includes centralized data management, workflow management and shared documentation.


Ensures that infrastructure test stimulus is based on real world conditions. This includes accurately emulating network traffic and simulating real users consuming services.


Enables interoperability with all the discrete elements in the infrastructure. This allows authoring of highly repeatable, integrated tests, and end-to-end orchestration through workflow automation.


Offers productivity gains through embedded test expertise, improved collaboration, integrated test orchestration, optimum test execution, and efficient utilization of resources.

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