Landslide Diameter

Landslide Diameter

Simulate real-world control traffic scenarios

New services, like VoLTE, and new applications like Internet of Things and Connected Car continue to increase the load on the Authentication Authorization and Accounting (AAA) functions of the network. Landslideā„¢ Diameter tests the network's AAA Control Plane to ensure its functionality, performance and scale. Testing these functions is critical to ensure the network's ability to weather a Diameter signaling storm.

Landslide Diameter simulates real-world control traffic scenarios at scale and emulates the interfaces and adjacent nodes required to test all the key AAA nodes including: HSS, PCRF, DRA/DSC and AAA. The solution provides the ability to test the Diameter network from end-to-end or isolate a single node. Landslide Diameter is used by service providers and network equipment manufacturers worldwide for testing during development, design, planning, deployment and maintenance.


Predict and Prevent Signaling Storms with Diameter Testing

Ensuring that the data plane is up to the task of supporting the mobile networks is obvious, but there is a larger and potentially more serious problem lurking in the LTE network control plane: signaling storms. Find out how to avoid signaling surges or storms and hence congestion, service degradation, dropped calls and dissatisfied customers.


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