Mobile backhaul
As Ethernet backhaul becomes capable of handling more bandwidth and reliability, network services and devices are getting more and more complex. Address the complexity by emulating network topologies and adding network infrastructure more quickly with Spirent TestCenter. Helping next-generation specialists deploy excellence with confidence.
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Mobile packet core
Real-world testing is vital to guarantee the best possible user experience. Testing solutions need to emulate traffic, provide accurate analysis and offer scalability as networks and technologies evolve. Spirent's Landslide is the preferred Mobile Packet Core test system for network equipment vendors and operators worldwide.
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Wi-Fi offload
As the mobile network and wireless spectrums become increasingly crowded, congestion artifacts can disrupt the user experience. Spirent offers a range of testing solutions to ensure Wi-Fi offload solutions deliver maximum security, throughput and interoperability.
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Base station receiver testing
Base-stations become more complex every year, and the rise of 4G/LTE networks will only accelerate this trend. With Spirent's testing solutions, you can test even the most complex base-station receivers quickly, easily, and in realistic environments.
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Busy Hour Call Model (BHCM) solution
Service Providers are racing to be ‘first to market' in the new mobile era. Spirent's BHCM Solution accelerates service providers' time to market by offering a complete network ‘replica' in the lab.
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Test automation
With automation you can create tests once and rerun them whenever you need to, saving time, effort and money. Spirent's complete portfolio of proven solutions for Test and Lab Automation can accelerate and extend your mobile infrastructure testing.

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