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Manage Your Operational Network Testing and Monitoring Across Multiple Organizations

Telcos, MSOs and Mobile Carriers have harnessed the bandwidth of Ethernet to replace legacy TDM networks. With 1GbE, 10GbE and hints of 40GbE in the live network it's an easy argument-more bandwidth. However, more bandwidth is only the beginning. The rest of the story is not that easy and is why we developed Spirent TestCenter Live.

The promise of Ethernet is indeed bandwidth, however, it also promises increased efficiency, lower cost and increased scalability-better bandwidth. Spirent TestCenter Live enables service providers to take full advantage of Ethernet. As a next-generation service assurance tool, Spirent TestCenter Live can transform your current operations into a highly efficient, low cost network and service delivery operation.

Like any other service transport technology, if it needs to be managed, you must be able to measure it. Spirent attacks the measurement challenge with a single solution that can be configured to deliver on-demand testing and/or performance monitoring across multiple organizations. Our approach is powerful-deliver an integrated test and diagnostic solution with performance monitoring capabilities that utilizes both software and a single hardware probe platform. This solution enables the user to access data, both actively and passively, from Spirent TestCenter Live probes, existing network elements and third-party OSS's and packages the solution in an easy-to-use GUI to deliver cost savings and high scalability.

Spirent TestCenter Live will transform the way you turn up and deliver Ethernet business services. It will simplify the management of SLAs and accelerate your trouble resolution cycles. Spirent TestCenter Live delivers better Ethernet.

Spirent TestCenter Live 1/10GbE Ethernet Probes Solution
The evolution of Ethernet has seen the migration of Ethernet technology from the Local Area Network (LAN) to Metro Area Networks (MAN) as service providers have embraced the flexibility and efficiency of the Ethernet architecture as a replacement for traditional TDM services. This migration brings new challenges for ensuring quality services which require a new approach to service assurance.

Deploying Spirent TestCenter Live probes into the live network provides a customer-centric diagnostic view of IP- and Ethernet-based services; allowing provisioning verification, network availability and performance monitoring, and on-demand troubleshooting by multiple users or organizations.

When used in conjunction Spirent TestCenter Live, the probes combination of simultaneous active and passive, automated and on-demand tests represents the most flexible service assurance solutions available today and ensures the high Quality of Service and Quality of Experience demanded in the very competitive Ethernet services marketplace.

6500 Series Ethernet Probes
Spirent Test Center Live 6500 series logical network probes gives you a customer-centric diagnostic view of your IP and Ethernet-based services, emulating your customer's SLA characteristics while providing immediate and actionable status information about your network through a combination of active and passive tests.

7500 Series Ethernet Probes
Spirent TestCenter Live 7500 series logical network probe gives you a customer-centric diagnostic view of your IP and Ethernet-based services at 10GbE access points, emulating your customer's SLA characteristics while providing immediate and actionable status information about your network through a combination of active and passive tests.

Spirent TestCenter Live Test & Diagnostics Solution
Spirent TestCenter Live Test & Diagnostics is an easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) for on-demand testing of live Ethernet applications and networks. It provides passive monitoring of Ethernet traffic including: Packet capture, top talkers, application monitoring, conversation analysis, and VoIP and IPTV monitoring.

As a service activation tool, Spirent TestCenter Live delivers best-in-class service turn-up by verifying available bandwidth and network quality including: Loss, Latency and Jitter tests. Deeper analysis is also available to guarantee faster, more efficient problem resolution. VoIP and IPTV perceptual analysis, Active VoIP calling and packet capture and decode are at the fingertips of the user and displayed in easy to understand results via the Spirent TestCenter Live GUI.

Spirent TestCenter Live can be integrated with your back office applications like inventory databases, trouble ticket system, or call center systems-best-in-class test automation and simplified test setup ensures consistent results and lower operational costs.

Spirent TestCenter Live Performance Monitoring Solution
Spirent TestCenter Live Performance Monitoring is an easy-to-use solution for active and passive performance monitoring of Ethernet networks and service quality. Designed for a multi-user environment that includes service and network operations, it enables users to ensure the performance of Ethernet/IP applications and services offered by today's MSOs, Telcos and Mobile Carriers.

Spirent's solution communicates with network elements, existing OSSs and Spirent TestCenter Live Network Probes, making it extremely scalable and robust, and capable of testing to thousands of endpoints from a single probe. The TestCenter Live probes can also assume double duty as a test appliance when deployed with our Test & Diagnostic application. Spirent TestCenter Live is perfectly suited for monitoring and managing Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with user defined performance thresholds and SNMP alarms. Users can store performance data and display historical trending and service level validation. Of course when there is a problem, the Spirent TestCenter live platform is available to locate and identify the trouble for quick, low cost resolution.

Spirent TestCenter Live 7500 Series

   Spirent TestCenter Live 7500 Series

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