QoS/QoE Testing

What are Key QoS/QoE Testing Issues?

Triple Play represents new challenges that involve the complex simultaneous delivery of voice, video and data services. A user's quality of experience (QoE) is dependent on the performance of individual network devices and network design to successfully meet these challenges. The decision to deploy a solution takes place only after careful and comprehensive validation testing.

Spirent Solves Your Critical Test Challenges.

To help ensure performance and reliability of converged networks, Spirent tests the elements that make up the network-or the entire network-end-to-end-by emulating concurrent voice, data and video traffic.

Spirent allows you to test your Triple Play network end-to-end and each component individually. Spirent's solutions allow you to test Triple Play from Layer 2-7 in a stepwise methodology through automation or use of simplified GUI wizards.

Some unique features of the Spirent solutions include:
  • Layer 2 Bandwidth Testing up and down stream - Determine bottle necks in your Triple Network
  • Subscriber scalability with bandwidth at subscriber max rate - Understand subscriber load issues and breaking points
  • Channel change tests at full subscriber load with traffic - Understand the effects of channel changes on traffic and the effects of traffic on channel changes
  • Test with real voice, video and data - understand the effects of stateful protocols on the network and its effects on video and voice quality
  • Impairments - Add the real world to your lab network with Impairments
  • Security - Understand the effect of real security attacks to the subscribers QoE.
Why Test with Spirent?

Spirent enables testing of all elements in today's Triple Play topologies including:
  • Enables comprehensive IPTV network testing with high subscriber load, channel zapping, video and audio quality, impairment and attacks
  • Delivers real voice, video, data and network conditions
  • Offers the greatest protocol depth and breadth for testing access, voice, video and data
  • Accelerates Triple Play deployment through extreme automation and simplified configuration
Spirent test solutions accurately generate mixed traffic loads for QoS/QoE performance testing

   Spirent test solutions accurately generate mixed
   mixed traffic loads for QoS/QoE performance

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