Triple Play

Triple Play Testing Datasheets

Spirent TestCenter HyperMetrics next mX 10G Module Datasheet
With 40 Gbps of linerate stateful Avalanche traffic capability in a single module the HyperMetrics mX scales to the highest levels for security, infrastructure and application testing.

Spirent TestCenter HyperMetrics CM Module Datasheet
The HyperMetrics 4- and 12-port Gigabit Ethernet test modules, previously offered as the TestCenter EDM-3000 series, combine Spirent TestCenter's network emulation and traffic generation with line rate Avalanche application traffic to deliver the highest performance Layer 2-7 test solution available on a single module.

Spirent TestCenter IPTV Test Package Datasheet
Service providers and cable providers need to test IPTV QoE, STB scalability and network performance. Spirent Communications' IPTV Test Package fulfills these needs.

Spirent TestCenter Layer 4-7 Test Solution Datasheet
With Spirent testing solutions, customers can maximize today's growth opportunities with a vision towards technologies of the future.

DLS-5D10 DSL Service Modeling and Noise Tool Datasheet
Determines how a device on a specific loop will perform while influenced by the myriad cables and binder specific hindrances.

DLS-6804 European Multi-Line Production Wireline Simulator Datasheet
The DLS 6804 is a high density multi-line production wireline simulator in a 6U rack-mountable chassis.

DLS-6826 Multi-Line Production Wireline Simulator Datasheet
Spirent's DLS products are the worldwide standard for physical layer equipment used in conformance, performance and interoperability testing.

DLS-A2PA Integrated System Datasheet
Spirent presents the first ADSL2++ lab test solution for the North American market.

DLS-A2PE European Integrated System Datasheet
Spirent presents the first ADSL2++ lab test solution for the European market.

DLS-V2A Integrated System Datasheet
North American VDSL2 Wireline and Noise Testing Solution.

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