Speed of Relevance

Speed of Relevance means outpacing threats with superior PNT capabilities

Speed of Relevance

Spirent Federal moves you forward at the speed of relevance helping you deploy products faster.

The Speed of Relevance

In September 2020, Colonel Nickolas Kioutas, program manager for position, navigation and timing within the Army’s Program Executive Office Intelligence, Electronic Warfare and Sensors, stated “It’s all about getting our agile-iterations-speed-of-technology development up. We’ve got threats out there that we are trying to pace—to keep ahead of these threats or outpace them—so we need industry’s help to keep inventing new technologies in order to maintain that speed of relevance.”

The speed of relevance means equipping our modern warfighters with superior PNT technology at a speed that outpaces the threat.

Spirent Federal is moving you forward at the speed of relevance.

US Soldier Warfighter GPS Navigation

Speed:  Deploy Faster

With Spirent Federal as your trusted test partner you can reduce the cost and complexity of product testing. Simulating GNSS signals allows control, repeatability, and vulnerability analysis that you cannot get with live-sky testing alone. Spirent’s solutions enable developers to test across the full design lifecycle, from R&D to integration to production and field testing. Issues can be corrected prior to the hardware design phase, accelerating product development. Spirent has the fastest update rate and the lowest latency in the industry so you are getting results you can trust. Our team of experts are here to help you succeed.

Flex power for GPS satellites as jamming countermeasure

Relevance:  First with Alternative PNT

With Spirent solutions, you can meet the latest government directives on assured PNT and test GPS/GNSS augmented with alternative RF signals and non-GNSS sensors, such as inertial navigation systems. To further PNT modernization efforts, we are collaborating with government & industry to create open standards for non-GNSS sensors. Spirent Federal is committed to developing superior layered PNT technologies to keep warfighters ready for tomorrow.

CRPA and Anechoic Chamber Testing Solutions page thumbnail

Relevance:  Vulnerability Mitigation

Spirent Federal is the leader in classified military codes simulation. Additionally, Spirent’s flexible test solutions provide advanced jamming and spoofing simulation tools so you can harden systems against GPS/GNSS interference and develop effective countermeasures. With CRPA and anechoic chamber testing as well, we can help you create robust performance in the most challenging environments, so your product is prepared for GPS-denied situations.

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