SIMINERNTIAL: Powerful and Flexible Integrated GPS Testing

Spirent supports Integrated GPS and Inertial performance testing by combining its powerful and flexible GPS simulation systems with coherently generated inertial sensor delta-theta and delta-velocity data.

The GSS8000 GPS/GNSS simulator range uses Spirent's state-of-the-art SimGEN for Windows® application and modeling software to define and control the test environment. This fully flexible tool is easy to use and is equipped with a comprehensive range of trajectory generators as well as supporting true hardware-in-the-loop applications via acceptance of external vehicle motion data in real time.

The simulated motion data is streamed from SimGEN via Ethernet to SimINERTIAL, which translates this simulated motion data into representative real-time data streams at the data rate and with the data format appropriate to the unit being tested.

SimINERTIAL is equipped with fully user-configurable sensor error modeling and supports a range of popular inertial formats via a number of separately priced variants.

All SimINERTIAL solutions are also equipped to deliver a barometric altitude output via a MIL-STD-1553B card installed in the SimGEN controller PC.

Control and data monitoring of the unit-under-test would normally be via the user's own instrumentation interface. Spirent's optional SimDATA product can also be used to fulfill core Control and Display Unit (CDU) functions. SimDATA may be specified with either 1553B or RS-422 interfaces.

The SimINERTIAL architecture is readily adapted to a wide range of inertial sensor simulations.

  • Honeywell H-764G EGI, SIGI and NAV100™ IMU
    Interfacing via Honeywell's proprietary Inertial Sensor Recorder Simulator ISRS2 card
  • Northrop Grumman LN100, LN251 and LN260 EGIs
IMU Emulation
  • Honeywell HG-1700 and HG-1900
  • Northrop Grumman LN200
  • AMRAAM-compliant
  • NATO STANAG 4572
The SimINERTIAL simulator component enables high dynamic testing of GPS/INS navigation systems

   The SimINERTIAL simulator component enables
   high dynamic testing of GPS/INS navigation

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